CRU Logistics, L.L.C. was created as a solution to the logistics and transloading issues that have plagued the Eagle Ford since 2009.

At the time 10-hour loadouts, rail embargoes, high demurrage invoices, and job shutdowns were commonplace due to the quick rise in frac sand volumes. It was then that we, at CRU, decided to devise a model that would help alleviate the headaches. Using our expertise in high-volume logistics and transloading for other oil field commodities, we have developed an efficient supply chain solution for the industry. From the designing of the track and building of the terminal to operating it, our niche is in solving your supply chain needs.

Why Choose CRU Logistics?

With a team of the top technical advisors in the industry, and experts in product transloading operations, CRU Trading Co has transloaded over 100,000 tons of asphalt in Mexico. Our main transloading terminal located in Monterrey, Mexico, is able to handle 144 railcars, or 11,200 metric tons a month with a state-of-the-art heating system.

Our involvement begins with the loading of your cars at a source and does not end until trucks are loaded and en route to a location.

Integrate Your Supply Chain

Our supply chain network includes: 

  • Fleet of newly-built covered hopper cars

  • Understanding of mine functionality

  • Extensive railcar monitoring & consulting services for improved cycle times

  • Logistics network for car diversions and/or storage

  • Automated silo storage facilities

  • Product confirmation via testing

  • Quick railcar offloading and truck loading

  • SandCommandTM, a logistics and inventory system

All of this while providing daily, weekly and monthly reports sent directly to your computer or phone.

Why Cru Trading

We Are Experienced

Over 20 Years of Experience

100% Quality Work

We operate with effeincy

Safety Conscious

Our staff is trained to meet and exceed safety standards.

We Love Our Environment

All personnel are trained on EPA Regulations, going above and beyond to protect the environment.