Founded in 2001 with a cutterstock trading focus, Cru Trading Co is currently involved in providing complete transportation management and logistics services to companies such as PMI. With our privately owned railcar fleet of over 500 tank cars and thousands of shipments per year, our experience in high volume transportation has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of the logistics process.

Having done cutterstock and residual commercialization for clients such as Glencore, Rio Energy and PMI, CRU Trading is currently focused in the commercialization of asphalt in Mexico and has become the top private importer of Asphalt in Mexico. Our 3 Transloading Terminals in Mexico are situated in:

Why Choose CRU Trading?

With a team of the top technical advisors in the industry, and experts in product transloading operations, CRU Trading Co has transloaded over 100,000 tons of asphalt in Mexico. Our main transloading terminal located in Monterrey, Mexico, is able to handle 144 railcars, or 11,200 metric tons a month with a state-of-the-art heating system.

Our 3 Transloading Terminals in Mexico are situated in:

  • Monterrey

  • Guadalajara

  • Tula

Why Cru Trading

We Are Experienced

Over 20 Years of Experience

100% Quality Work

We operate with effeincy

Safety Conscious

Our staff is trained to meet and exceed safety standards.

We Love Our Environment

All personnel are trained on EPA Regulations, going above and beyond to protect the environment.